There is great enthusiasm for using “big data” to enable better biomedical research across the globe. But big data isn’t just about collating lots of old and new records. Including ongoing real-time data from patients can be part of a brave new world in health research.

Recognizing the difference between tumors and normal brain tissue during surgery is a major challenge. Removing healthy tissue can cause neurologic problems, but leaving tumor tissue behind can allow the cancer to spread again.

Biofilm Streamers Clog Medical Devices

Bacterial communities called biofilms can quickly clog medical devices such as stents and catheters by forming 3-dimensional streamers that block flow. The finding will inform future approaches to prevent these deadly clogs....

A new study revealed the patterns of brain activity that produce human speech. This research may one day lead to new methods for treating speech disorders....

The flatworms that cause the tropical disease schistosomiasis can survive inside infected people for decades. The discovery of the stem cells that may be responsible could now lay the groundwork for new strategies to treat the disease....

Scientists successfully identified and grew a renewable population of liver stem cells for the first time, a new study reported. The findings could eventually lead to approaches that help rejuvenate damaged livers in people....

Boosting Cell DefensesScientists designed a compound that induces a cell "housekeeping" process that may help fight cancer, infection, neurodegenerative disease and aging. The compound successfully protected laboratory mice from deadly infections....

Scientists have identified a rare type of neuron in mice that's responsible for detecting the pleasant stroking of skin. The finding opens the door to exploring the molecules and neural pathways that recognize a positive touch....

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